Getting Started

Building a new house or looking to transform an existing kitchen or bathroom? Not sure where to start?

1.) Plan ahead! Typically, cabinets require a minimum of 6 weeks to procure from time of order. If they are for a new home, this probably means you want to order them while the house is being framed.

2.) Know your budget! We have cabinet options to meet any price point.

3.) Call or stop by our selection center just off 68th Ave S and 196th Street in Kent! For best availability, please call ahead to schedule an appointment with one of our designers.

4.) Come Prepared! Your time is valuable- below are tips to make the most of your initial meeting:

  • Measure your space. If possible, bring a floor plan or a hand sketch with dimensions and include the following:
    • Finish wall to finish wall dimension for enclosed run of cabinets
    • Finish wall to edge of door or window trim
    • Height and width of window, height of window from floor
    • Ceiling height
    • Location of plumbing stubouts
    • Location of electrical outlets and switches that may conflict with cabinet layout
  • Bring pictures! This includes pictures of the existing space and/or pictures of the cabinet style you have in mind - magazine clippings, color swatches etc.
  • Think about the size, type and finish of the appliances you will be using. If you have already selected your appliances, bring the make and model #.

5.) Don't have all the info yet? Don't sweat it! Bring what you have and our designers will help with the rest! Either your contractor or one of our designers can field measure and confirm dimensions prior to ordering cabinets.